English for speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is an extremely useful Effective English Communication Course provided by York International School. The Royal Institute issues certificates covering the individual performances of the candidates who face the examinations of the respective courses offers this Course.

In today’s world, learning English is a vital skill that will help your children achieve their full potential in later life. The sooner they start learning, the better — with the right methods, children can learn English quickly, effectively and enjoyably. Once they have this initial grasp of English in primary school, they will have a strong foundation, which will be an advantage in their later studies.

When children learn English, it is important that they learn English, which is practical and useful. It is important that they learn to speak good English and that they work towards international standards that will prepare them for study abroad, or the international world of work.

The ESOL Program is conducted at York Sapugaskanda, Wattala, Kadawatha For more details, contact us on:

Sapugaskanda - 0771060578
Wattala - 0772201048
Kadawatha - 0771060580

Why Choose ESOL ?

Globally Recognized Qualification

Ability to Improve English Knowledge

Increase Students Mental Flexibility

The Course is conducted through 05 levels






Hotline: +94 117 547000